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Growing in the Prophetic

Mike Bickle



Why another book on the prophetic ministry? I’ve read several books on the prophetic over the years.

Some focus on the various biblical categories of prophets and the supernatural manifestations which occur through them. Others focus on how to prophesy and then what to do with prophetic words.

This book touches on those subjects, but it also frankly discusses the joy and the pain of prophetic people in a local church context.

I relate the perils, perplexities and tensions involved in nurturing prophetic people among non-prophetic people.

Growing in the Prophetic

Growing in the Prophetic

When Holy Spirit activity happens among weak people like us, the clash between selfish ambition and lack of wisdom is inevitable.

Many tensions arise. Plus, we encounter Holy Spirit experiences that are foreign to us. All this makes for a challenging experience in our church life.

David Pytches wrote some of the prophetic history of our local church in a book called Some Said It Thundered. I appreciated his book.

Since then, someone suggested that I write a follow-up book that revealed all our mistakes in the prophetic ministry.

He suggested I call it Some Said We Blundered. I almost agreed. Indeed, we’ve made many mistakes on our journey in the prophetic ministry.

The future of the church will be exciting as well as challenging. New dimensions of the Holy Spirit’s ministry are certainly going to continue.

This is not a good time for a know-it-all, but rather it’s the proper time for the virtue of humility expressed in a teachable spirit.

I want to mention one more thing. Michael Sullivant helped me write this book. He has been an associate in ministry with me at Metro Christian Fellowship since 1987.

He is a trusted friend with godly character and a prophetic gifting that continually increases. His wisdom to pastor the prophetic people at our home church is proven.

He travels throughout the United States and internationally teaching and demonstrating the prophetic ministry in a style that is devoid of hype — which is exactly what we need.

This book is written in first person, but know that Michael has been at my side contributing significantly throughout the whole process. His contribution comes out of experience as both a prophetic person and a pastor of prophetic people.

He knows the joys and sorrows firsthand. He is more than qualified to write his own book on prophetic ministry. Thus I feel honored to have him as my coauthor.

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