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Joseph Jeremiah



100 Sermon, outlines for personal and group Bible studies to Preaching and teaching God’s Word

As believers, our highest privilege and perhaps greatest responsibility is to faithfully share with others what the Holy Spirit has taught our own hearts from God’s Word.

It was Charles E. Fuller, preacher of the Gospel on The Old Fashioned Revival Hour for thirty years, who said, “To know the Word of God, to live the Word of God, to preach the Word, to teach the Word, is the sum total of all wisdom, the heart of all Christian service.”

100 SERMON. Book by Joseph Jeremiah

100 SERMON. Book by Joseph Jeremiah

God has well prepared Joe for writing this book. Soon after Joe trusted in Jesus Christ at age twenty-one, he began to be active in teaching Sunday Schools and preaching on the island of Grenada, West Indies, where he was born.

Over the years, the Lord has opened up opportunities for Joe to carry on a teaching and preaching ministry that has taken him to many Caribbean islands, the US Virgin Islands, thirty-one out of the fifty states in the United States, Canada, Nigeria, Africa, Guyana, South America, as well as England and Scotland.

Joseph Jeremiah has provided the reader with 100 outlines of Scriptures passages and topics that the student of the Word can either develop or modify to enable them to fulfil their desire to teach or preach the Word of God.

Within the outlines, Joseph has included insightful questions and applications, such as: “Do we fully know the condition of our churches today? Do we make inquiry so that we can know how to pray?” Also, “We should be faithful to God with whatever we have and in the best way we can”.

You may not break down a passage the same way as Joseph Jeremiah do for you have the liberty to prepare your own outlines, but the outlines in this book may give you an option, especially when time is limited for the preparation of your messages and review of commentaries.

This book of 100 Sermon Outlines for personal and group bible studies to preaching and teaching God’s word is a tool for every gospel preacher

We all do not have the same strength, talents, and abilities, but God will use us as we yield and make ourselves available to Him.”

Whether you are beginning a ministry of teaching and preaching or have been serving the church in that capacity for many years, Joseph Jeremiah’s latest book offering 100 sermon outlines will be a very useful resource for you.

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