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Destined to Reign Devotional

Joseph Prince



“Destined To Reign Devotional” is inspired by “Destined to Reign” other book by Joseph Prince

Joseph Prince believe that God wants us to reign in life every single day! Reigning in life should be a continuous thing, and it comes by receiving a fresh revelation of God’s love and grace every single day.

Therefore, with this desire to help precious believers who have been impacted by God’s grace to continue to walk in His undeserved favor in a practical way, I have put together this series of daily devotionals.

Destined To Reign Devotional is inspired by "Destined to Reign" other book by Joseph Prince

Destined To Reign Devotional is inspired by “Destined to Reign” other book by Joseph Prince

In this fast-paced age of computers, cell phones, PDAs, the Internet and television, if we are not careful, we can fall into what I call the “Martha syndrome” — becoming too busy to sit at the feet of Jesus.

Whether it is answering hundreds of emails or text messages, doing household chores, sending the kids to school or even serving in various ministries in church, we can get so caught up in “legitimate busyness” that we don’t do the one thing that Jesus said is needful — to sit at His feet and receive from Him.

Are you troubled and worried about many things today?
Do you really believe that only ONE THING is needful?

To help you be a Mary and not a Martha, Destined To Reign Devotional has been purposefully designed to allow you to spend just five to 10 minutes a day reading God’s Word.

Each devotional is designed to edify and encourage you, inspire faith and, most of all, remind you of how much you are loved by your heavenly Father.

Each devotional is also built around one key thought, which you can take away with you and meditate on as you go about your activities for the day. A wide range of topics is covered, from righteousness, forgiveness and God’s love to healing, finances, faith, relationships and ministry.

As we commune with God and listen to His Word, we allow His grace to unfold and work in our lives. So come, be like Mary. Sit at the Lord’s feet and hear what He has to say to you.

Joseph Prince say, time spent with God is never wasted time! As you devote some time each day to commune with the Lord in spite of your hectic schedule or the challenges that you are facing, I believe that God will take care of the rest.

As you simply allow His word of grace and righteousness to speak to you, you will find faith springing up in your heart, peace guarding your mind, wisdom for the day and a confident expectation of good things happening to you.

“Destined To Reign Devotional” by Joseph Prince, is all about receiving, receiving, receiving! As you receive an abundance of God’s grace and His words of life, the overflow will cause you to live a life that glorifies God.

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