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God is With You Every Day

Max Lucado



God is With You Every Day is a 365 daily devotional by Max Lucado. Each new day, whether at dawn or in the afternoon or evening, we need to connect with God, strengthen our relationship with the Lord every day.

Each devotional is an invitation to reflect on prayer, determination, mission, search for purpose, the word of God, the power of faith, the triumph of love, the beginnings, the justice of God, the grace of God , the value of confession.

God is With You Every Day. By Max Lucado

God is With You Every Day. By Max Lucado

The promises of God have the endorsement of God, the firm commitment to respond in favor of their children. When doubts come over us we know that we must turn to the Lord for help and guidance.

Many believers try to walk in their daily walk without a word from God to minister to them and give them strength. Each devotional has the purpose of focusing on a truth of God and allowing the Lord to lead our life according to his purpose.

Max Lucado has been able to interpret the needs of people, it is direct but friendly. Every day every believer faces a spiritual battle between good and evil, and a mental war that is torn between believing God or not.

The good sower went out to sow and Max Lucado wishes that each seed falls on good soil and can grow and bear good fruit. God is With You Every Day will help you to fix the truths of God in your heart, to build a house on the rock resistant to adversity.

God is With You Every Day is a 365 daily devotional by Max Lucado

January 1: A Prayer. . . of Praise
January 2: Today I Will. . .
January 3: Be About His Business
January 4: Stay In Your Own Lane
January 5: Your Assignment
January 6: Unimpeachable Authority
January 7: God’s Goal for You
January 8: A Prayer. . . to Shine
January 9: Live to Stirring Life
January 10: Ask for Hebron
January 11: Wait for the Nudge
January 12: A Spiritual Battle
January 13: The Discovery That Changes Everything
January 14: A New Song
January 15: A Prayer. . . to Live As Your Child
January 16: Who Are You?
January 17: What Will He Do With You?
January 18: Everyone Can Help Someone
January 19: Voices of Failure
January 20: The Final Word
January 21: Moved By Prayer
January 22: A Prayer. . . for Strength
January 23: Of Greater Worth Than Gold
January 24: Your Best Weapon
And more. . .

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