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Devotional Names of God

Malak Haggoel – Redeeming Angel

Christopher D. Hudson



Jacob met a Messenger with life-giving and life-repairing power. Jacob met the one and only redeeming Angel.

“The Angel who has redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads; let my name be named upon them.” Genesis 48:16 Nkjv

He patches the roof and applies a new coat of paint to the porch. Then he comes inside your home and fixes the broken dishwasher.

When you pass out from the shock of such service (gashing your head on the counter on the way to the floor), this helpful messenger rescues you from death or further injury and revives you. Clearly, this is no ordinary mailman.

Throughout the Bible, angels serve as God’s “mail carriers.” In fact, the title angel simply means “messenger,” which coincides with the typical angelic job description: Deliver divine messages to the people of God.

But the Angel whom Jacob encountered was no ordinary angel (Genesis 32:24–32). Instead of simply bringing a message, this Angel “delivered,” or “redeemed,” Jacob (Genesis 48:16). This Angel brought both God’s message and God’s redemption.

Many scholars believe this Angel was none other than the pre-incarnate Christ himself—the second person of the Trinity.


If that’s the case—and the evidence is strong—then, without realizing it at the time, Jacob encountered God Himself! Not only did Jacob receive a divine message, but he also received repairing, restoration, and the impartation of new life.

Jacob met a Messenger with life-giving and life-repairing power. Jacob met the one and only redeeming Angel.

We too can know this redeeming Angel, who brings His message of hope, truth, love, grace, and mercy. We too can accept the delivery of God’s transformative message and be redeemed and restored ourselves.

God doesn’t just send us good news; He offers us new life!
How and when have you personally encountered God’s redemptive power?

God, You are my Redeemer. Thank You for your message and for delivering me! Help me hear and obey Your ways. Grant me the wisdom to let You rebuild and restore my life in unexpected ways. Amen.

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