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God’s Fatherhood Not Comprehended

Charles Spurgeon



“A young child does not know his father’s strength. We are weak creatures, and cannot conceive fully of the perfections of God; we know not what the power of God can do for us.

It would be the height of absurdity for the child to think and speak of his father as if he were a child too, and could do no more than the boy’s playmates.

Yet this is the common error of the children of God. We do not raise our thoughts to a God-like level. We think our own thoughts of God, and straightway we doubt.

Oh that we rose to God’s thoughts, and tried to conceive how He looks upon matters! Surely He taketh up the isles as a very little thing, and the mountains He weighs in scales.

If our troubles were set in the light of God’s power, and love, and faithfulness, and wisdom, they would become to us small burdens; why should we not so regard them? Why must we reckon as children? Why not compute our load by our Father’s measurement, and then see how easily it will be carried? Estimating divine strength by human standards is one of the childish things which we must put away.

O Father, forgive me for having so often limited Thee, and teach me never again to judge after the flesh.”— SPURGEON.

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