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The Beauty Of Love

Thomas De Witt Talmage



Thomas De Witt Talmage

The Beauty Of Love
Oh, there is something beautiful in sympathy, in love, in manly, wifely, motherly, yea and neighborly love. Why was it that our city was aroused with excitement last week when a little child was kidnapped from one of our streets? Why where whole columns of newspapers filled with the story of a little child.

It was because we are all one in love, and every parent said: “How if it had been my Lizzie? how if it had been my Mary? how if it had been my Maud? how if it had been my child? how if there had been one unoccupied pillow in our trundle bed tonight? how if my little one, bone to my bone, and flesh of my flesh, were to night carried captive into some den of vagabonds, never to come back to me? how if it had been my sorrow looking out of the window, watching and waiting, that sorrow worse than death?

Then when they found her, why did we declare the news all through the households, and everybody that knew how to pray said: “Thank God!” Because we are all one, bound by one great golden chain of love.—TALMAGE.

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