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Katie Brazelton

Katie Brazelton

Katie Brazelton, PhD, MDiv, MA, is the Founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers Internationa, a coach-training provider with multiple global accreditations.

For years, Dr. Brazelton was a Licensed Minister at the purpose driven Saddleback Church. Today, she is a professor at Rockbridge Seminary and founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®, pursuing her dream of opening 200 Centers globally.

These venues offer coaching toward God's plan, including niche areas such as recovery, marriage, parenting, finances, career, health, etc. Dr. Brazelton is a board member for the International Christian Coaching Association and also for Rockbridge Seminary.

Katie Brazelton has interviewed Mother Teresa in Calcutta, countless influential leaders, experts, addicts, and prisoners to seek advice for the readers of her numerous books, including her runaway bestselling Pathway to Purpose.

Katie is the educational dean for Full Circle Outreach (a substance abuse treatment center), as well as a church consultant, sought-after speaker, and popular media guest; she was previously a licensed minister through Saddleback Church.