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Daily Power and Prayer Devotion

Myles Munroe



In a world of instability, uncertainty, unpredictability, fear, terror, and global confusion, the need for anchors is imperative. Daily Power and Prayer Devotion by Myles Munroe, they are anchors of the word of God to strengthen and guide life.

The waves of our contemporary cultures make it difficult to navigate the challenges of each day, snaring the unsuspecting soul in a current of self-destruction.

Throughout history few things have remained stable and unshakable. Yet, without question, the most time-tested elements in the journey of mankind for the past seven thousand years have been the principles of the biblical text.

Daily Power and Prayer Devotion. Prayer Book by Myles Munroe

Daily Power and Prayer Devotion. Prayer Book by Myles Munroe

The Word of God has been the sure foundation and source of hope and faith for millions of people over the years. These millions testify to the results of applying the Scriptures’ powerful, eternal truths.

God’s Word is the source of vision, faith, confidence, peace, and salvation. Today, its principles are needed more than ever before. InDaily Power and Prayer Devotion, I have isolated two of the most important themes of the Word of God: prayer and vision.

Each of these areas can vitally impact life on planet Earth and must be understood, explored, and practiced for personal and corporate success. I have battled the frustration of unanswered prayer and know the struggle many have faced in this crucial area of the human experience.

Yet prayer is not difficult if you learn the principles by which it functions. I discovered these precepts and know that prayer works and can be achieved by anyone who is willing to embrace them. I have also experienced the power of vision as I have captured the dream in my heart and pursued it with all diligence.

I learned priceless principles that took me from where I was to where I am today and discovered that those principles are available to every human and will guarantee the same results to all who are willing to apply them.


In these daily devotions, Daily Power and Prayer Devotion, I have labored to present the basic principles of these two vital subjects, along with practical instructions and advice.

Because the Word of God is essential for life, I have also included daily Scripture texts for reading through the Bible in one year, with one Old Testament and one New Testament passage for each day.

Jesus said, “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4), and the apostle Paul wrote, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly” (Colossians 3:16).

It is imperative that we allow the God’s Word to dwell richly in our hearts so that, as we meditate on it and absorb it, it truly becomes a part of our lives. Whenever we study the Word of God, we should also pray and ask God for wisdom.

The Holy Spirit is our teacher, and we need to ask Him to illuminate the Word and to give us insight. I challenge you to use this book to cultivate a lifestyle of prayer and visionary living that is destined to make a difference in your generation and the one to come, leaving an impact on the earth.

Throughout the year, I will be with you as a life coach—helping, guiding, and motivating you to pursue your best and achieve your greatest potential in life.


May the Creator bless you as you pursue Him, enabling you to become all you were born to be. Let us begin the journey to greatness, and may each day’s devotion take you closer to His perfect will for your life. God bless you. —Dr. Myles Munroe

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