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Daily Readings for It’s Your Time

Joel Osteen



Joel Osteen, Pastor of Lakewood Church was write “IT’S YOUR TIME” to speak faith into the lives of others, to encourage them during tough times, to call forth seeds of greatness planted by God, and to assure them that their best days lie ahead.

This Daily Readings for It’s Your Time is a ninety-day devotional with excerpts from the original book designed to emphasize those same messages.

Like It’s Your Time, this devotional based upon it is divided into five main sections. Each is designed to build on the other. The goal is not simply to inspire and motivate you, but also to help you see that God’s plan is at work in your life.

Daily Readings for It’s Your Time. Book by Joel Osteen

Daily Readings for It’s Your Time. Book by Joel Osteen

This devotional is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of any particular passage of Scripture, but instead is intended to encourage you to immerse yourself in His word and inspire a wholehearted love of God. And the suggested prayer at the end of each day’s entry is simply a place to begin your communication with your Heavenly Father.

The book begins with a section entitled “It’s Time to Believe”, because tough times require strong faith, because this too will pass. “It’s Time for Favor” is the section about faith fortification.

In “It’s Time for Restoration”, Joel Osteen offer tools of forgiveness and renewal. “It’s Time to Trust” builds your resolve by reminding you of those things you can trust: that all things work together for good. Finally, I’ve concluded the book with “It’s Time to Stretch”, which will motivate you to step into your divine destiny.

Each of the daily readings was selected to emphasize one of those five keys. Joel Osteen added other features for each to help you apply and live out God’s truth:

• Scripture Readings to It’s Your Time
• Key Bible verses
• Today’s Prayer to It’s Your Time
• Today’s Thought to It’s Your Time

These ninety readings should be read at a one-each-day pace so that they carry you through three months or so. Joel Osteen say “I’m convinced that by the end of that period, you will come to see that it truly is your time for healing and advancement.”

As you read this devotional day to day, keep your heart pure, strive for excellence, and prepare yourself, because it’s your time for God’s goodness, favor, and restoration. It’s your time to walk in the fullness of His blessing!

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