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From Faith to Faith

Kenneth Copeland



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From Faith to Faith, a Daily Guide to Victory. By Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

It’s been many years since we first determined to live by faith. Since then our lives have been more glorious and thrilling than we ever imagined they could be. We’ve seen more victories than we can count. Spiritual victories. Physical victories. Financial victories.

From Faith to Faith - Kenneth Copeland

From Faith to Faith – Kenneth Copeland

But it’s important for you to know, those victories didn’t come our way overnight.

Our bank account didn’t double the first time we jumped up and said, “My God meets my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!” Sickness didn’t flee forever the first time we confessed, “By His stripes, I am healed.”

We won those victories because once we took hold of the Word of God, we refused to let it go. Even when that Word didn’t appear to be working, we kept on meditating it and speaking it out. We kept on feeding our faith with it…day after day after day.

Eventually, just like Mark 11:23 said it would, that faith began to move the mountains in our lives.

That’s why we’re so excited about the book you’re holding in your hands right now. It’s designed to help you feed your faith, not just occasionally, but every single day. It’s designed to encourage you daily, to keep you going until you develop the kind of mountain-moving faith that will make you more than a conqueror in every area of life.

Years ago, the Lord told Gloria, In consistency lies the power.

It’s our prayer that this book will help you become so consistent in the Word that its power will explode in you. We know from experience that power will keep you moving from faith to faith and from victory to victory for the rest of your life!

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