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An Interesting Book

Dwight L. Moody



An Interesting Book
We want to bear in mind that the Bible is not a dry uninteresting book, as a great many skeptics try to make out. They say, “We want something new; we have out-grown that.” Why, the word of God is the only new book in the world.

All that the newspapers can do is to tell of things as they have taken place, but the Bible tells of things that will take place. We do not consider the Bible enough as a whole.

We just take up a word here and a word there, a verse here and a verse there, a chapter here and a chapter there, and not in a systematic way. We therefore know very little about the Bible.

I will guarantee that the majority of Christians in America only read the Bible at family worship; and you will notice too, that they have to put a bookmark in to tell where they left off the day before.

Ask them an hour after, what they have read, and they have forgotten all about it. Of course we cannot get much knowledge of the Bible in that way.

When I was a boy I worked on a farm and I hoed corn so poorly that when I left off, I had to take a stick and mark the place, so I could tell the next morning where I had stopped the night before. If I didn’t I would likely as not hoe the same row over again.


In order to understand the Bible we will have to study it carefully.—MOODY.

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