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Its Precious Value

Charles Spurgeon



Its Precious Value
There is gold in the rocks which fringe the Pass of the Splugen, gold even in the stones which mend the roads, but there is too little of it to be worth extracting. Alas, how like too many books and sermons! Not so the Scripture; they are much fine gold; their very dust is precious.

Let no one turn away from the Bible because it is not a book of learning and wisdom. It is, would ye know astronomy? It is here; it tells you of the Sun of Righteousness and the Star of Bethlehem. Would you know Botany?

It is here; it tells you of the plant of renown— the “Lily of the Valley,” and the “Rose of Sharon.”

Would you know geology and minerology? You shall learn it here; for you may read of the Rock of Ages, and the White Stone with the name graven thereon, which no man knoweth save he that receiveth it.

Would ye study history? Here is the most ancient of all the records of the history of the human race. Whate’er your science is, come and bend over this book, your science is here.—SPURGEON.

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